November 11, 2019

No more opinions, just improvements 

Not my two cents, just inner evolution 

Breaking curses, open doors 

Clean the house, tend the garden 

Inner peace, this is revolution 

Not anchored by beliefs 

Rather anchored knowing I am filled by being empty 

Then laughter comes, and I am free 

Not weighed down by labels or affiliation 

Just a faithful firm foundation, that now is just for me 

Ok with not knowing 

Simple and relaxed 

Surfing the mystery 

Learning to be joyful in things I think I do not like 

The foundation of alchemy 

Learning to be honest about that which I SEE I feel 

Such a universal key 

Power is a choice, to realize the voice 

That is the vibration within 

Understood without words 

A great treasure, or a pen 

An honest smile is a profound manifesto 

With a single word 

A universe can be born 

Speak life 

Write your fragrance 

Not the thorn 

Do you hear you in your heart? 

Do you listen anymore? 

Keep no score

Keep no score 

See there is a special verse in you 

A radiance to simply be 

With not so much to do 

Trimming what I THINK I need 

Then forgetting who I THINK I am

 Clarity becomes a consistent companion 


“Remember its all good when contentment is the plan” 

Joyful peace like gravity 

Pulling what is needed , and what I am together 

Singing dear friend you are strong and firm, 

But also light as a feather 

Both calm skies and stormy weather 

You are to weave like threads of gold 

You don’t have to be known 

Lay down pesky strife within that causes harm 

Such a gift is a path to be walked 

The hands of the weaver, 

The needle 

And the yarn 

Each encounter is a gate 

As attitude is fate. 

Keep no score 

Keep no score 

There is a special verse in you 

A radiance to simple be 

With not so much to do 

Learn to see by feeling, 

Not having how you feel dictate what you see, 

Then everywhere you are 

Becomes where you need to be 

Surfing as a feather 

A sweet fragrance 

A thank you letter 

Both calm skies and stormy weather, 

You are to weave like threads of gold. 

Be anchored in this.