Installations in Public or Private Space

Baron Batch and the Studio AM team can coordinate an art installation in your facility. Art Galleries, Coffee Shops, and even private homes may apply. We call these collaborations Curated Spaces. Please read the information provided below carefully. It contains answers to many commonly asked questions and helps to set expectations to ensure an amazing collaboration.
Required Lead Time
Baron requires 60 days of lead time to organize an installation at a Curated Space. Unfortunately we will not be able to respond to requests with less than 60 days of lead time.
Turn Around Time
We will let your organization know whether Baron is able to participate within 21 days of receipt of necessary information.
Steps Your Organization Has to Take
Curated Spaces are an essential part of Baron Batch's ongoing community engagement. The Studio AM team has processes in place to help maximize the value for your organization. This includes:

1. Swapping art out on a ongoing basis for the duration of the engagement.
2. Coordinating social media and press releases about the collaboration.
3. Organizing events for the benefit of our installation partners.

When direct sales occur from the curated space, the following applies:
1. A base commission payment of 20% of the retail value of the work of art is paid to the curated space partner upon sale.
2. On a case-by-case basis, art may be purchased outright by Curated Space partners. Prices are negotiable, especially for bulk orders.

You will use the information and photo found in the About Baron Batch section of this page when communicating to the public about the donation. You must complete the form found on this webpage.

Please Complete THis Form

About Baron Batch

Baron Batch is a multidimensional artist, poet, entrepreneur, painter, designer, community organizer, and positivity activist based here in Pittsburgh. Being a full-time creative powerhouse for about a decade, his artistic practice continues to reach into many unique forms of expression and collaboration, both locally and nationally. 

Baron Batch is the founder of the creative lifestyle agency Studio AM. In 2021 he opened The Residency Gallery, which is not only an art gallery exhibiting his works, but also a work/study space for students and creative professionals, and a creative-use event space in an evolving collaboration with The Southside Works. Visitors to the space can view and collect art in an environment immersed in creativity, and ultimately leave feeling inspired with great vibes.

Baron has been known for his FREE art drops, which are a scavenger hunt way of sharing his artworks around the world. Art Drops occur when pieces of art appear in various communities with clues to the location posted on social media, allowing whoever finds them to take one for free! This is a tool to facilitate
spontaneous adventure, human interaction, and to energize kindness and inspiration.
Baron's practice continues to unfold in his 10th year as a full-time artist, and as the head of the Studio AM Team. There is a lot of art to be shared and many immersive experiences to be had in 2022.