Create an art Collection

You can create your vibe.

Here's how it works!

You'll create your very own collection of original artworks from The Artist, Baron Batch. To start, read through the 3 simple steps below, view the images associated with each step, and  then click on the "Start Creating" button to begin building your new vibe.

Once you've completed your collection, we will send you a confirmation email with a digital mock up image of your collection to confirm your choices, this will take us about 3 days to process. Then, once you confirm the digital mock up choices, give us 3 weeks to complete the artwork and we will send your new collection of original Baron Batch artwork to you in the mail!


Step 1

Choose a background color and size to match your vibe.

Step 2

Pick an inspirational message.

Step 3

Select your signature design. 

Step 4 choose 2 accent colors