Artist Dinner Series Recap

It’s a quiet Tuesday night in Homestead, but inside Studio AM the wine and conversations are flowing. The aromas coming from the open kitchen inviting every guest who enters, just waiting to be feasted upon. 

Artist dinner’s are unlike any other dining experience in the burgh. The 6 course meal was prepped and prepared by Studio AM’s in-house executive chef, Steve Morehouse, with the help of sous chef Adi. Every detail, from the menu, music playlist and the artwork on display is curated specifically for this intimate dining experience.

Don’t miss your next chance to enjoy a night out at the most creative place on the planet, Studio AM in Homestead on Tuesday, July 25th for a 5-course meal. Enjoy fresh food, good conversation, and vibe with like-minded individuals as well as artist, Baron Batch




Studio AM

Studio AM, 225 East 8th Avenue, Homestead, PA, 15120