Baron Batch | keynote address

2017 Congressional Art Competition


June 28, 2017

Nothing is perfect, perfection is change, nothing is normal, everythings strange. 

The trick to it all is caring about everyone while not caring what they think.

At the foundation is culture. The building block in which all of us shape our realities from. 

We cannot forget the responsibility that for us to see ourselves as a free nation we must also embrace that at our core we are a nation of artists and scientists. Yes hard work is good, yes jobs are good, but purpose is the foundation in which all hard work manifests into its most useful form which is understanding. 

Only those who are willing to move forward are rewarded with true growth. 

Days are not days but a continuum of moments. The moments now are the most recent version of magic. We are living in amazing times. 

We live in a hurried world. We rush ourselves to document our moments but it is not the documentation of moments that create them to be valuable it is the understanding and proper navigation of them. 

We are particle collisions that grow from both the understood positive and understood negative interactions. 

Don't wait on the good things to happen and don't go chasing what you may think is good. Simply be good and be still then pull them to you.  

Prepare yourself to beautifully collide. 

Be courageous. 

Courage does not lose focus, courage does not lose vision, courage does not sit on its hands. Courage creates. 

You are the sum of your good thoughts, the accumulation of intentful actions. 

Inspire those that surround you to maximize yourself. Selflessly teach the things you know you have been able to observe, while you do exactly what you say. 

We are designed to grow through communication with others. 

Every problem has its garden and every garden has its problems. 

A garden’s purpose is to grow. The gardener’s purpose is to serve the garden, not own it. For a garden that does not bear fruit is neither wanted or can be given. For this good reason. Stand humbly on the foundation you help others build. 

The key to the universe is language, the key to language is honesty. Honor is the language of the universe.  

Transformation begins with a consistent attitude. You can be patient while maintaining tremendous urgency. Take a moment to understand the circumstance and your involvement.  

Courageous feet are placed on perfect paths while true focus grows stronger with distractions. 

Allow what you work so hard for to work for you. Encouragement is leadership. In courage encourage yourself. Do not tear down what you have built up. 

Always say what you mean. Always speak what you can calmly add. Always always calmly be mindful. 

This is usefulness. To be useful is to understand what value is. For value is the ability to create or contribute to the addition in a positive way. While a loss is not failure, but the inability to create.  

Make use of every talent you have use every talent you discover. Your purpose is to create your true form, which is manifested and grown through proper and diligently understood use of your talents. 

A talent cannot lie about its use. But where a talent does not exist, misunderstood lies are left to fill. 

Know why you are strong. Create why you are valuable. Share what you understand.  Embrace pain and adversity, then re-create reality, for to be an artist is to beautifully use every form of energy within the system to create. 

When you do not question your own strength, pain loses its voice and only becomes a useful energy that roots its heroes on. 

The awakening of the courageous artist in us all.  

The return of the noble scientists in us all. 

The goal is the ability to question oneself without doubt for reasons selflessly understood. 

Do not lose balance. Balance must be trained. 

Every occurring moment is a celebration. It is good to exhaust yourself, but when you grow tired, challenge yourself first, then rest. As the moments stack that were usefully exhausted the future you imagine begins to form. Be beautifully exhausted, incapable of tired. 

Such permanent truth. 

Remove the mask, be beauty. The mask is a reflection, and the reflection is the face.   

Be patient and be kind and always remember to do both with urgency. The moments you feel as if you cannot become better, you become worse. 

You have the ability to perpetually grow stronger when it is truthfully understood that pain when carried with joy is self renewing strength. 

This is a formula of matter and code. 

Surround yourself with those you have lifted and that is lifting self. Surround yourself with those that lift you and this is proper education. 

Remove from you that which is not your absolute best, and you will watch yourself grow your own eyes. 

We must think greater as we thoughtfully consider why and how we currently think can never be what we are striving for. We are future beings. Ones to desire being remembered. In this we must not dreamily go and gaze into a distant future. But rather approach our moments now with such urgency to understand that now is later, so later is the purposeful thing to work for, remembering that now is the opportune place to be. 

Be happy to ask, and swift to do, so other will be happy to help, and grateful to know. 

Let your souls be seen as your words are understood, this is being felt. 

Being felt is the only way we can truly hear one another. Words do not do that. Emotions do. For we are emotional beings we must be responsible for our part of the equation of the matter. 

Do not let your competitive spirit be your downfall. True competition is not the defeat of an enemy, it is the pursuit of self growth, for selfless reasons that are not only understood but taught. This to me is greatness. 

Your attitude towards the moments will be your documented history. So please be kind. 

To love effectively one must be fearless and accepting of pain, as this is practiced inner peace is gained as foresight, because with love comes inspiration and this is the catalyst of life. 

Love is always easier than you think. 

Honey to the soul is truth from the lips. No need to explain the help you give, love explains with questions.  Power is soft spoken, truth is peacefully calm, love is intentful. To walk the path you create is to use all three effectively. 

We can only ever own the things that we prepare ourselves to give, for understanding cannot be given or taken, only realized or forgot. Give understanding to the moments that pass you. Be humble and observant. Giving stays in motion. 

Closer to freedom is the only decision anyone has or has not made. Home is forward. 

We must not become disappointed in the things we are tasked at creating for those who do not yet exist, or are not in a position to imagine because of what their eyes have been limited to. 

Free Imagination, without limitations, this is the dream.

We must not be directed towards and by desires, but understanding of the moments. We are living with electricity in the air, these moments now are special. 

The matter is always an equation. 

We will get there, you will get there. 

One foot in front of the other. Left right left is a leap. 

Don't desire more for the sake of simply having more. Desire to grow and understand why you are growing. It is not valuable to be right, it is right to understand, while it is valuable to know. 

Be humble and serve your craft as you learn to teach and give to others. 

Powerful whispers to intentful steps. Be peaceful but thunder. 

To be someone who has true value but chooses to be less than, is to be usefully added. 

Do not compare, compete. Be your greatest work of art. Understanding is the birth of wisdom, while wisdom is the birth of freedom.  

Do not believe that you currently are who you once were. You are most real as the you the future will know, which is never the you of before , but the you of the now. Because of this only view the past as useful information, but nothing like concrete. 

Focus on your specific and unique traits that elevate others and by doing this you will do good and be great. 

Your art is the key to your goals, focus is the key to your art, your goals are the key to your focus. The hearts is the lock to destiny as kindness is the key to the heart. 

Humility is the key to kindness. Be humble, make art, want less as you learn to give more. Be original in your use of words and actions.  

The hands of many moments can transform reality and mold good things like clay. Appreciate those that see your true form through how you use your talents and be kind to those that don't for this is the ultimate talent. 

Over time your useful moments will appreciate themselves in value as your story begins to be told. Be patient with those that look to you for guidance, but direct in what you say. 

As you continue to step into your self, do so knowing that with each forward step you not only become stronger and more prepared, but are a light that inspires others to begin their adventure as well, the more adventures you are able to inspire the more the world will change. Never doubt that you will change everything.  

There is no need to raise your voice when your words are truly valued. 

Remember disciplined vision and humble steps walk with power, but make no sound but better living. 

With no ceilings, be your own greatest fan. Especially once you become hot. 

Stand strong, for in the morning the taste will be what feeds you, the sustenance of ambition, the religion of hustle. 

Creative direction is yours. 

Honor your role and continue to gain new perspective. 

You are the future leaders.

Learn from past greats as you become them. Seek wisdom above all. Be filled with purpose that endures. Do not fear the unknown or the painful things. 

The unknown is beauty in the blank canvas, as pain is sugar to the sturdy soul. Show love in the way you speak, listen and teach. The ones that know more are responsible for walking the higher path. Even if it requires helping those who curse the path to see. 

Challenge others to think deeply about the scale of things, in this you will scale the scope of thought. 

In scaling the scope of thought you enable new vision, and with new vision comes new horizons. 

Where you are now is not where you can stay or will be. 

Home is forward. 

Do not try anything with frustration but rather a humble hypothesis and variables understood accepting of what is to be new. 

The equation is observation plus dignity plus hope subtract fear multiplied by honor divided by the moments. 

Be transparent as air. Be urgent but do not rush. Lead your mind with your heart as you guard your heart with your mind. 

Don't simply speak. Command your words. When commanding your words speak simply. We are to educate ourselves and others through the efficient use of language and the correct wants of the heart. 

We are built to grow through adversity. We are destined to change as we are both the descendants and guardians of the future. 

Do not hesitate, but keep in mind that urgency is not a speed, but a carried and expecting preparation of self. Let your craft be the language you are fluent in as you constantly develop new talents.

Being great is not about the things your accomplish, but rather the consistent attitude you carry and example you set with achieving those things. 

Hold anger away from your directing mind as you sing a song of ambition. 

Be a scientist at heart, and an artist at mind. 

Remember that true life is lived before itself, just as the greatest living things are ideas that bring forth inspiration. 

In each occurring moment there is information that is eternal, and through our interactions with these moments we are presented with two options. To become better or to be worse. 

Keep your good life well balanced. Be balanced in thought, dialogue, and health. Reside within good company and be the source of good conversation. 

Appreciate the community you reside as you diligently work to leave your mark. By inspiring the community around you, you grow more hands that just your own. And there is much work to be done.  

Create the things that make you enthused as you learn to treasure your purpose in a way that by every action, decision, and moment you honor it. 

Freely give value to each person you encounter and this is value able. 

Do not rush your lovely lives, but be urgent. Enjoy your miraculous moments and remember where you came from, while you know where you must and who you must be to create the things that desire to be created by you. 

The unformed future is rooting you on. It is feeding you with ideas and inspiration. Do not be wasteful. 

Bravery is to be taught as virtue is to be lived. Chivalry is not dead as kindness wins. 

Do not let your blessings become distractions or your distractions become your entertainment. 

Understanding your distractions is to be focused, as your purpose of work is to be the entertainment, life the observation. 

Forward the path to home. 

Do not focus on growing your own life as much as you focus on using the life you have to grow others. This is to be truly needed and truly purposeful. 

Keep in mind that it is not making art that is hard, it is getting out of the way to allow the art to be made that can be difficult. Just as kindness is not hard.

Our eyes can teach us or make fools. Our hands will do what they want, or do what they are told. The culmination of discipline is to both understand what it is your hands want, and having the power to tell them what to do.

The things you wish to be, you must create. No one else will or can do this for you, nor is that what you desire. 

Nothing without purpose, everything with reason. The want is the now, for reasons of later. All is what receives me, the cost to see is not sight but being. 

Nothing advanced without knowing. Nothing achieved without growing. So shining thing can be dimmed. 

Define the want, be perfect. You create mind as mind is you. Mind creates enough, but you must urgently do. 

A way of starts a chain. Words see moments, moments react. 

Message the heart move focused, intentful, calm because you are true. Strong and steady the moment is forever, to be is observation, observation it is you. 

The matter sings its song as moments passing through. To be an open ear is to mold the matter true. And once the moment passes it replaces itself with new. To sing again right to the ear, then moving along, seeing what you do. A good tune grows to create a chorus us the universe it sings. All are free to matter, made for amazing things. 

Now Go and create. 

— With inspiration, The Artist